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Sketch Frenzy

2013-08-30 04:54:35 by joejamz99

Finally started sketching and pencil drawings again. Although, I did 4 sketches this month...I Plan to at least do 1-2 drawings/art works a month. Perhaps some suggestions might help give me ideas on what to sketch or draw next. :) Requests are welcomed.

Sketch Frenzy

Hey Newground Peeps!

2013-02-10 05:46:09 by joejamz99

As much as I wished to have heard about this site in the past, what's exciting is the fact that I am here now. Just to be surrounded with fellow geeks, nerds, dorks, crazed-fans, artists,film-makers, animators, gamers etc is such a good feeling. :D (and i mean that with sincerity)
Working in the "professional" world for quite some time, I've neglected one of my passions. Art. Although, I try to incorporate my art with my work, I feel that Its not exactly the path I want to take it through. So in an attempt to re-spark this passion, I have joined this community to help inspire/motivate me to start making art works of anything fantasy/comic-based/"just plain bad-ass" to post up.
Future is bright from here and I look forward to seeing all the fan-arts,animations,etc.